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  • Energy Markets

    • Unlimited users
    • Real-time market visualisations
    • Auction results
    • Historical trends
    • Live grid visualisations
    • Flexible data plotter
  • Battery Energy Storage

    • Industry landscape overview
    • Monthly revenue benchmark
    • Map of assets
    • Daily revenue benchmark
    • Daily revenue breakdown
    • Battery asset leaderboard
    • Detailed battery asset explorer
  • Insights from Phase

    • Industry explainers
    • Market updates
    • Exclusive research content
    • Quarterly livestream with Modo's research team
    • Dedicated 1-on-1 quarterly call with Modo’s research team
  • Data

    • Data downloads
    • API access
    • Flexible data plotter
    • Open access datasets
    • Paid access datasets
    • API migration support
  • Support & success

    • Self-service help centre
    • Live chat
    • Credit card payments
    • Direct debit
    • Custom payment options
    • Dedicated account management
    • Personalised onboarding
  • Signal Module

    • 3 year battery revenue projection
    • Ancillary services and merchant revenues
    • Updated quarterly
    • Access all supporting data
    • Full methodology documentation

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  • How can I pay?

    You can pay for a Starter or Plus subscription using a credit card or via bacs Direct Debit. These can be set up directly through the platform by the subscription's financial admin. Enterprise users are able to pay via bank transfer as well as by credit card or Direct Debit, and can also pay at different frequencies (e.g. quarterly or bi-annually).

  • What if I want to add more teammates?

    Go for it! All of our subscriptions allow for unlimited users. If your teammates have the same email domain as you, then if they try to sign up they'll automatically be added to your subscription. Admin users can add other users via the teammates page, either by sending a link, adding specific emails, or uploading a .csv file of emails.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Financial admin users can cancel a subscription at any time on the billing page. Once a paying subscription is cancelled the subscription remains active until the next invoice. So if you're paying monthly, you get the rest of the month. If you're paying annually, then you get the rest of that year. If you want to delete your account entirely, then financial admin users can also do this at any time using the billing page, or by contacting the Modo team at

  • Do you have a discount for universities or schools?

    We do - get in touch and we can run through the details.

  • Do you have a start-up programme?

    We do - get in touch and we can run through the details.