Keep your peace of mind with impartial insight and data analysis

Modo is fully independent — we don’t own or operate assets and we don’t take positions in markets.

Why we're different


We believe good things happen when companies are clear and transparent. This is how we work internally and when we’re building products for our customers. We always share our working assumptions and inputs to our models, so you always know where you stand.

Independence and Impartiality

Independence and Impartiality

Modo is an independent company that takes no positions in energy markets. We endeavour to provide objective and unbiased information and data that will aid all existing and potential participants in the energy sector. Being independent means we can provide the clearest possible view of the energy world.

Our Data Sources

We’re constantly looking for new data to support you. Here’s a list of our current data sources:

  • elexon
  • nationan-grid-eso
  • electricity_north_west
  • northen-powergrid
  • ssen
  • sp-energy-networks
  • uk_power_networks
  • western-power-distribution
  • epexspot
  • low-carbon
  • electricity-market-reform
  • ofgem
  • deprtment-for-business
  • piclo
  • sheffield